miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013

30 oraciones en presente perfecto

Oraciones afirmativas en presente perfecto
1.-I have seen many movies with special effects.
2.-He’s already climbed up mountain. 
3.-My son has never spoken to a stranger online.  
3.-She has been a doctor for 3 years.
5.-He’s never walked on fire.  .
6.-Many animals have become extinct.
7.-They have never milked a cow.
8.-I have ridden a horse.
9.-He has played soccer for 2 years.
10.-Rafael has played tennis for 10 years.

Oraciones negativas en presente perfecto

1.-I haven’t been to the movie in a year.
2.-I haven´t bought my favorite perfume.
3.-My sister hasn’t gone to Florida yet.
4.-I haven’t fed the dog yet
5.-No, she hasn’t cleaned the room yet.
6.-we do not want the child study
 7.-Travajar women we do not want more
8. - Professor denies your student
9.-he child refuses to go to bed
10. -
Mom denies that her son eats a game

Oraciones interrogativas en presente perfecto

1.-Have you ever been on a cruise ship
2.-Has she ever climbed a mountain? 
3.-Have they traveled in an airplane yet
4.-Have you ever met anyone over the Internet?
5.-Has your computer ever gotten a virus from the Internet?
6.-Has your brother ever downloaded music from the Internet?
7.-Have you ever walked on fire?      
8.-Have you ever been to a zoo?
9.-Have you fed the dog yet?   
10.-Have you made your homework yet?

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